Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello 3rd Tri!

I am officially in my third trimester. I still can't believe it. In (hopefully) less than 12 weeks we'll be meeting our baby for the first time. We have been really busy working on the house.

Two years ago we painted the outside of our house, but only did one coat. The second coat has been finally put on and it looks great! The nursery is almost all done (we're picking the crib up today!) The room was painted, the closet was ripped out and re-done, trim and baseboards were put in and painted and the room is now carpeted! For those that don't know, we live in a little fixer upper that needs a lot of fixing! Over the past three years walls have been knocked done, kitchen and bathroom gutted, new doors, new windows. It's always a construction zone here. The nursery is the first room to be COMPLETELY finished! The rest of the rooms are basically done, but they have at least one or two things that are needed to be finished. I can honestly say the nursery is my favorite room in the house (and the dogs too - She goes in there all the time to lay on the carpet or sleep on the bed)

Here are some of the construction pictures. Once we get the crib up I'll put pictures of the completed nursery.
The closet all ripped apartCloset Door & trim is donePaint is done and carpet is going down!

The guys are bringing in the crib right now! Hopefully it will get put together today too :)

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