Friday, September 21, 2012

cookie workshop

We went to a really cute cookie workshop place with our MOMS Club. The boys had a blast. They each got to pick out their flavor dough, flavor of icing, and 2 sprinkle colors. The kneeded their dough and then rolled it out. There were a million cookie cutters they could choose from. While the cookies were baking they decorated their boxes and then decorated their cookies. They were delicious too!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birthday Morning

Well as of yesterday I officially have a two year old. He's decided to kick his tantrums up a notch too! Chris had to work during the day so we showed him his birthday present in the morning. We had put it together for him the night before. Both boys love it! We're all prepared to be inside this winter!

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Ryder's Mickey Party!

Ryder loves Mickey. Actually he loves most of the Disney Junior shows and gets so excited when he sees them on tv or in a store. I had a lot of fun putting together his Mickey party and he had a blast!

Actually I think Mason had more fun than Ryder did. He kept on talking about Ryder's Mickey party, and how he was going to have a Jake party (for his 4th in December). He also helped open all the presents and was thrilled with the gifts Ryder got. I can't wait for his birthday, he's going to be so much fun this year now that he gets it!

I made a fun Mickey invitation and included pictures from our trip to Disney on the back.

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I made signs for just about everything. We had Donald's spinach dip, Clarabelle's Cheese & Crackers, Mickey's burgers, Minnie's tomato and mozzerella, Hot diggity dogs, Pluto's Pasta Salad and Daisy's jello fruit salad. Of course it was Ryder's clubhouse that everyone was going to.

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I LOVE desserts, so of course we had to have a few to pick from. The cake was store bought, but I made the cookies and cupcakes. They were a big hit!

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Mason had a great time opening all of Ryder's presents, LOL. He got so excited over them while Ryder was wandering back and forth.

Ryder had so much fun and handed the goody bags out at the end. What a good host!

pre party fun

We had Ryder's 2nd birthday party on Sunday. That post will be coming soon, but here's a few pictures of some fun the boys had while waiting for our guests.

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Monday, September 17, 2012

First day of preschool

The boys finally started school last week. Mason had a couple orientations and his first day was Wednesday. Ryder had a little orientation and his first full day will be next Monday. This year Mason is doing three day three's. He's pretty shy and doesn't like new situations so drop off has been a little tough. It was the same last year when he was in the 2's program one day a week but after a couple days he did great. I'm hoping for the same this time. Ryder seemed to do great at his orientation. Didn't even care I was gone, but I did get a big hug when I picked him up.

Mason picked his location. Don't mind the mess behind him!

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and Ryder before his orientation. He wasn't so sure why I was backing away from him!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Labor Day Parade

This year the Labor Day Parade was actually on labor day. Last year we had hurricaine Irene visit us and we were without power for a week so they had to postpone the parade to Columbus Day! They did change the time on us though, so instead of 10am it was at noon. Made it a little tough with a napping toddler, but he did great and was awake (and happy) the whole time.

Ryder and his buddy knocking elbows

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watching the parade with Aunt Catherine

we got lots and lots of candy.

The beautiful baby winner! It's a mom from my MOMS Club!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More NC fun

We took the kids to see Linville Falls. It's an easy little hike and they liked to see the waterfalls.

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this is the best family photo our children will allow.

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LOVE my ergo!

Sweet Callie sleeping on our bed. We're buddies :)

A little brotherly fun

and some Aunt Julie love.

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We had such a fun vacation but it's nice to be home!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Lake Bums

Normally when we visit our friends we go in March. Before kids we would go to Asheville (oh how I love Asheville!)and go to many other touristy areas in the mountains. This year we switched it up and went the end of August. This was the first time we were able to go out on the lake and really enjoy it.

Ryder loved going on the boat. I think he liked the wind in his hair, lol. Mason wasn't a huge fan, but he did like the island that we went to so he tolerated it.

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The views from the island. The sun actually sets behind those mountains. We talked about going out there for sunset but never made it. maybe next year.