Tuesday, May 26, 2009

5 Months

Here are some pictures of Mason taken on his 5 month birthday.

Mason and his Godfather Jim.

He loves to play with water!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend festivities

We've had a very busy weekend. Little Mason is so exhausted from all the parties we've taken him too. He went to two on Saturday and then another two on Sunday. He is quite the party animal.

Mason finally met his Great-Grandfather, Papa Jim, for the first time. Papa Jim lives in the Seattle area and has come to visit for a couple weeks.
humm...do you think someone's teething? Love all that drool.
My happy boy. He just loves to smile all the time. Even when he's cranky and tired he'll smile back. Of course mommy gets the biggest smiles ;)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Weight Check

I took Mason for his weight check with our LC today. He gained almost a pound in 2 weeks! It looks like nursing both sides is helping him out. He was 13 lbs 9 oz 2 weeks ago and is now 14 lbs 6 oz. I think he's still around 25th percentile, but as long as he keeps that up and doesn't drop anymore I'll be happy.

She looked at the chart comparing his height to weight and at 4 months it was actually off the charts on the lower end. She asked if the pediatrician said anything about that at our checkup - but nothing was said. It looks like right now he height to weight might be in the 5th percentile - but we didn't measure his height today so that's just a guesstimate. So we continue to monitor his weight. In another 2 weeks we'll be going back for another weight check and hopefully he gains another pound or more!

I actually have no new pictures to add, but they'll be coming soon. We have lots of Memorial Day festivities this weekend.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mason can sit!

He is getting so big! Not even 5 months and he can sit on his own. Today was the longest he ever sat before flopping over. I should have timed it but it was several minutes. I have 21 days left on my photoshop elements trial. I don't want it to expire :(
Mommy and Mason
The sitter!!
He loves the grass
uh oh

The View

Monday, May 11, 2009

Prom & Photoshop

My baby sister just had her Junior Prom on Friday night. Mason and I went over to see her and take pictures. She was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I feel so old. I took over 170 pictures! I decided I wanted to edit them and downloaded a free 30 day trial of Photoshop Elements. I LOVE the program and don't want the 30 days to end. Hopefully I can convince Chris that I need a $180 editing program for photos and video. Hey- it's a better price than the pro version of Photoshop that is over $600!!

Original Photo: (my sister and her boyfriend)

Edited photo

Original photo: She loves being an Aunt!

Edited photo: (I LOVE doing b&w w/ a bit of color)

Original photo: (don't you just love the sneakers!)

Edited photo: (this time I didn't do a b&w w/ color, but I did enhance the photo)

Original photo: aren't they cute?

Edited: This is one of my favorites!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mason and Coors

Mason is really starting to enjoy Coors, but she is still VERY timid of him. In order to get some pictures of them together I had to bribe her with cheese-its. I put the crumbs in Mason's lap and Coors tried to eat them up.

Mason isn't sure what to think

Then he tries to grab her. Has hasn't quite gotten the concept of petting.

Little do they know that they will be best buds in a year or so.

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Adventures of Tummy Time

Tummy time used to be a lot easier when Mason was younger. Now that he rolls are over the place it's hard to keep him on his tummy if he doesn't want to be there. After flipping over a few times he finally stayed on his tummy long enough for a photo shoot. I love some of his facial expressions in these pictures.
I love the happy face
He lets me know when he's done

I'm sure you've noticed I have a new layout. I was getting bored with the limited amount of choices blogger gives you. Adding the montly pictures made me realize how much Mason has changed in the past 4 months. He is growing wayyy too fast.