Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We are all safe and sound here in CT. Hurricane Sandy hit the shoreline of our state really hard, but luckily there wasn't too much severe damage inland. We have been without power since Monday at 4pm. Who knows how much longer, but we have a generator for the essentials and are safe, so that's really all that matters at this point.

Cable has been on and off so while it's on I figured I'd do a quick blog post.

97% of our town was out of power at the peak. I'm not quite sure what it is now since the outage map keeps on changing - it actually just went up. We have 3 large trees that fell on our street taking down the power lines. I have a feeling we're not top priority since we're just a small side street.

Here's a picture of the trees blocking the road.

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Just snapped at the bottom.

The boys were happy to finally be able to get outside though.

We took a ride into town yesterday just to get out of the house and see how bad things were. There was a lot more damage with Alfred last October, but boy there was still a lot. Look at this tree that landed on this house.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone still affected by Sandy. Hopefully life will soon return to normal for all.

pre-halloween fun

This year Mason is really into Halloween. He picked out his costume (Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates) and he picked out Ryder's costume (Buzz Lightyear). He has loved putting it on. Unfortunately it looks like we might miss Halloween again. Last year we had a huge snow storm and were out of power for 10 days! As I type this we're waiting for Hurricane Sandy to hit and are expected to be without power for a while. i hope this isn't this case, but I'm working on some future blog posts so I can catch up and am scheduling this to post on Halloween anyway. Hopefully I'll have more Halloween pics to share and we are able to go trick or treating this year!

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We had our annual MOMS Club Halloween party. The kids got to paint their pumpkins and run around the gym with ride on toys.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

my handsome boys

We've had some pretty gross October weather, but this afternoon it was gorgeous! Chris was home and we took the boys outside to play. I grabbed my camera hoping to get a couple fall photos of them and for the first time ever they cooperated! The little guy only for about 2.2 seconds but it was long enough to get a photo I love of my boys together.

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The little guy only lasted half a second longer for his only alone picture I was able to get. I'll have to try again but the forecast the next few days is not looking pretty! Hello Hurricane Sandy.

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Mason was a blast though. He was listening to my directions and just hamming it up in front of the camera. I never thought this day would come!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Picking

We had a blast at the farm. They had a 5 week old calf there that was great with the kids! They were all petting him. We went on a hay ride where we stopped in the field to feed the big cows and then picked out a small pumpkin to take home.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekend in San Francisco

Just over a year ago my younger sister moved across the country to San Francisco. I told her that before I had my last baby that I would make it out there to see her. So at 29 weeks pregnant my mom and I went for a very short visit. Our flight left Friday afternoon and we arrived in SF 9:30 pm their time. We had all day Saturday and Sunday and left first thing Monday morning - flight departed at 8:30 am. It was a whirlwind of a weekend but so much fun.


We started the day off with breakfast at a cute little crapery restaurant not far from our hotel. We then headed to Twin Peaks. I hear it's amazing at sunrise, but I couldn't convince anyone to wake up that early :)

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We went to my sister's apartment to drop off the car and walked around Haight Street. From there we went to the botanical gardens. It was such a beautiful day!

We headed to the Cliff House on Ocean beach for a late lunch and then to the Presidio where we saw the golden gate bridge.

From there we had dinner at First Crush and then headed to Ghiradelli for some dessert! It was a long day and we walked over 10 miles!


We had breakfast at the same crapery restaurant and then took a cable car ride to see Coit Tower.

We then headed to Fisherman's Wharff where we saw the sea lions and had lunch at Boudin Bakery. Oh my, Boudin was amazing! I really wish I had bought some bread to bring home!

We went back to my sister's apartment to relax for a little bit and get the car. There was this amazing spot to see the bridge so we got in the car to drive over the bridge to the spot. Well, SF is famous for their fog and boy did we get to see that. You could barely make out any of the bridge. I did have my tripod with me so I was able to get a picture of my mom, sister, and I.

Not sure if you can make anything out, but under all that fog is the Golden Gate Bridge.

We drove back to the apartment and then went to dinner with my sister's boyfriend and his mom and aunt. Walked over 8 miles on Sunday and then flew back home the next day. I already have a list of things I want to see next time I get to visit! It has become one of my favorite cities (probably tied with Asheville).