Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

We are all safe and sound here in CT. Hurricane Sandy hit the shoreline of our state really hard, but luckily there wasn't too much severe damage inland. We have been without power since Monday at 4pm. Who knows how much longer, but we have a generator for the essentials and are safe, so that's really all that matters at this point.

Cable has been on and off so while it's on I figured I'd do a quick blog post.

97% of our town was out of power at the peak. I'm not quite sure what it is now since the outage map keeps on changing - it actually just went up. We have 3 large trees that fell on our street taking down the power lines. I have a feeling we're not top priority since we're just a small side street.

Here's a picture of the trees blocking the road.

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Just snapped at the bottom.

The boys were happy to finally be able to get outside though.

We took a ride into town yesterday just to get out of the house and see how bad things were. There was a lot more damage with Alfred last October, but boy there was still a lot. Look at this tree that landed on this house.

Thoughts and prayers to everyone still affected by Sandy. Hopefully life will soon return to normal for all.

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Jen O. said...

Glad you made it through safely. Hope your power comes back on soon!