Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello 3rd Tri!

I am officially in my third trimester. I still can't believe it. In (hopefully) less than 12 weeks we'll be meeting our baby for the first time. We have been really busy working on the house.

Two years ago we painted the outside of our house, but only did one coat. The second coat has been finally put on and it looks great! The nursery is almost all done (we're picking the crib up today!) The room was painted, the closet was ripped out and re-done, trim and baseboards were put in and painted and the room is now carpeted! For those that don't know, we live in a little fixer upper that needs a lot of fixing! Over the past three years walls have been knocked done, kitchen and bathroom gutted, new doors, new windows. It's always a construction zone here. The nursery is the first room to be COMPLETELY finished! The rest of the rooms are basically done, but they have at least one or two things that are needed to be finished. I can honestly say the nursery is my favorite room in the house (and the dogs too - She goes in there all the time to lay on the carpet or sleep on the bed)

Here are some of the construction pictures. Once we get the crib up I'll put pictures of the completed nursery.
The closet all ripped apartCloset Door & trim is donePaint is done and carpet is going down!

The guys are bringing in the crib right now! Hopefully it will get put together today too :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

99 days to go!

That also means 99 days till Christmas. Scary, huh? I think I've just entered panic mode. Maybe I'll start getting into nesting mode soon. I feel like nothing is going to be done as I stare at our guest room that has to be turned into a nursery. Selling the furniture has been unsuccesful so far. My plan is to have it out of here this weekend. Then next weekend Chris is going to paint, fix the trim, and re-do the closet. After that we can set up the crib (it's waiting for us at the baby store...we just don't have anywhere to put it right now). I think I'll be able to not be as stressed once that's all done. Now if only someone will buy our furniture!!

I've been lazy about uploading new belly pictures. Here's the most recent one I have on the computer (besides the pic from my dad's wedding) from when I was 22 weeks.

p.s. Next week I enter the third trimester!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Baby Kicks

I have been able to feel the baby kicking since around 22 weeks. I've been impatiently waiting for the kicks to get harder so that Chris could feel it. He wasn't always patient with leaving his hand on my belly so even when I thought he might be able to feel it, he never did. As soon as he put his hand on my belly the baby would stop kicking.

This past Thursday when I was lying down watching tv I saw my belly move out the corner of my eye. I knew that Chris would be able to finally feel the kicking. On Friday I was determined that he was going to feel the kicks that day. I told him that even if he had to keep his hand on me all day he was going to so he could feel the kicks. We were watching tv and I told him where to put his hand. I played some music to the baby and next thing you know Chris is asking, "Was that one?" So excited he could finally feel it and baby is getting stronger!

I feel bad because I've been putting off on having other people feel the baby kicking. I wanted Chris to be the first one (besides me obviously) to feel the baby kick. I guess my belly is no longer off limits. Just try not to have 10 pairs of hands coming towards me at once, that might freak me out. :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blessed with good news at 24 weeks

A week after our 20w u/s we got a phone call from the OBs office. They said one of the results from the ultrasound were abnormal and they were sending us to another facility for a closer look. It took us three weeks to get an appointment at the new place. They were on vacation the week we got our results and then their next available appointment was 2 weeks out. September 3rd we had our visit and it went really well. Everything is fine and baby is measuring just where it should. We are so blessed and grateful to be expecting a healthy baby.

We were never planning on doing 3D/4D pictures. We figured we weren't finding out the sex, why find out what the baby will look like. We were so surprised and completely in awe when the Doctor switched over to 4D during the exam. I can not even describe how amazing it was to be able to see our baby's facial features. Can you tell if baby looks like Mom or Dad yet?