Wednesday, September 17, 2008

99 days to go!

That also means 99 days till Christmas. Scary, huh? I think I've just entered panic mode. Maybe I'll start getting into nesting mode soon. I feel like nothing is going to be done as I stare at our guest room that has to be turned into a nursery. Selling the furniture has been unsuccesful so far. My plan is to have it out of here this weekend. Then next weekend Chris is going to paint, fix the trim, and re-do the closet. After that we can set up the crib (it's waiting for us at the baby store...we just don't have anywhere to put it right now). I think I'll be able to not be as stressed once that's all done. Now if only someone will buy our furniture!!

I've been lazy about uploading new belly pictures. Here's the most recent one I have on the computer (besides the pic from my dad's wedding) from when I was 22 weeks.

p.s. Next week I enter the third trimester!

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Shannon said...

You look great, I cant believe 3rd tri is right around the corner!