Monday, September 17, 2012

First day of preschool

The boys finally started school last week. Mason had a couple orientations and his first day was Wednesday. Ryder had a little orientation and his first full day will be next Monday. This year Mason is doing three day three's. He's pretty shy and doesn't like new situations so drop off has been a little tough. It was the same last year when he was in the 2's program one day a week but after a couple days he did great. I'm hoping for the same this time. Ryder seemed to do great at his orientation. Didn't even care I was gone, but I did get a big hug when I picked him up.

Mason picked his location. Don't mind the mess behind him!

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and Ryder before his orientation. He wasn't so sure why I was backing away from him!

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Julie Rogers said...

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