Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bridgewater Fair

We had a lot of fun this year at the Bridgewater Fair. We only went on Sunday but I think next year we might go both days. Mason had a blast and loved the rides. We met up with some of his friends. For days following he would wake up and say, "I want to go on race car with Nana." So cute! "Nana" is his best friend, Savannah.

We first saw all the huge tractors

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And then went to see the animals. I think we saw the cows at least 5 times each. Mason kept on wanting to go back in that barn.

I was thrilled that there were some rides Mason was tall enough to go on. I wasn't sure how he'd do since the only type of ride he's ever been on was a carousel and he'll only sit on the bench. I was pleasantly surprised that he LOVED the rides. I'm sure it helped that Nana was with him.

we were all waiting for Savannah to get rescued. She didn't want to come down by herself so one of the attendants had to go get her!

I spared you from the rest of the 200+ pictures I took at the fair!

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Barbara said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun.