Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ryder is 10 months

(and a week)

Ryder has quite the personality. He loves his brother and laughs all the time.

At 10 months Ryder

cruises along furniture
can stand on his own
has taken one step
wears size 18 months clothes

He continues to enjoy swim lessons and is starting to get the hang of going underwater. He is a super fast crawler and loves to be where the action is. That's usually right with his brother and the other toddlers. Two more months and we'll be celebrating his 1st birthday!

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Lisa said...

Wow! It is amazing how fast time flies! My DS is a week younger, and he's barely in 9 month clothes, lol.

Eris1995 said...

He's a skinny guy but he's tall! He outgrows everything length wise.