Monday, July 11, 2011

baby swim lessons

I started taking Ryder to the same place Mason went to swim lessons last year. I'm hoping to alternate sessions with them because it's too much for them both to be in swim lessons at the same time! Ryder loves the water and is a little fish. My sister, Brittany, came with us last week and took pictures. Most of them aren't in focus, but I don't care. I love them! Enjoy the insane amount of pictures :) If you think I'm bad Aunt Brittany took over 450 photos in a 45 min class.

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My best friend and her little boy are in our class too. You'll see lots of pictures of them as well!
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The babies learn how to hold their breath and go under water.

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Ryder was not a fan

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Liam was a champ!


Danielle said...

How fun!! We've thought about putting Delia in swim lessons. She *loves* the water! Your sister did a great job. Every time I hand my camera over to someone they always say "this is so fun." Haha.

frautography said...

OMG that looks like so much fun! He's got such a sweet little face and you are gorg!

Jen O. said...

These are great! I need to sign up DS for swim lessons. I always get an equally good workout when I'm in the water with him.

Barbara said...

His face after going under the water is just precious. But, other than that, he looks like he had a lot of fun.

Kindred Spirit said...

What fun! I love all of these, what great cool colors & the pure joy on the kids faces is priceless :)