Wednesday, June 22, 2011

70 hours without power

This is why I've fallen behind again! On June 9 we were over Chris' parents for his birthday. Just as we were sitting down to eat there was a huge severe thunderstorm. The lights were flickering on and off and then the power went out. We looked outside and saw the trees swaying from side to side. There was a tree down on power lines and we knew we weren't going to be recovering quickly from this storm! We ate dinner by flashlight and then went home where we all slept on the lower level because it was cooler. I should probably mention we live on the same street as my in-laws so if they are out of power so are we! We later found out that in some areas close to us they verified it was a tornado!

After the first day we decided to stay at my moms. The power company was giving us no estimate when we'd get power back and it could be days. No power also means no water for us. Luckily my mom only lives a couple towns over. They had just moved to a new house and were busy unpacking boxes. I packed the essentials and headed over there. Mason had a fun time playing with all their boxes and Chris made him a little fort.

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After the 3rd night without power we heard some rumors we'd be getting back on Sunday. We packed back up headed home and while we were at a MOMS Club BBQ got the call that we had power! We are very happy to be back home, with power, and catching up on things!

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