Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rolly Polly

Mason first rolled over from his belly to back at 2 months, but didn't do it very often. At 3 months he was doing it allt he time and he's now a pro. He'll roll to the left, roll to the right - he just loves to flip over. His new thing is rolling from his back to his belly. Most of the time he'll get stuck on his arm but a few times he's rolled over the whole way. All this moving is making nap & bedtime very difficult. He wants to play instead of going to sleep. As I type right now he is in his crip refusing to go down for his 9am nap. I'm going to have one cranky boy today!

M is a pro rolling over from his belly to back

A failed attempt to roll from back to belly

I'm having trouble uploading the video when he actually rolled over the whole way so I'll just post these for now. I've been working on this for 2 days. Stupid blogger.

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EmpwrElliek said...

AWEEEE! My little guys are finally rolling over too! I love it:) There like little pros now. When they cant get somewhere they roll there. HAHAHA! Cracks me up!