Friday, January 16, 2009

Bed rest sucks

I go through the whole pregnancy without any complications, and of course after birth is when I have to take it easy.

I had a 4th degree tear and at my two week appointment I was told one of my stitches popped. So for two weeks I have to take it easy and keep my legs closed which means no walking up and down the stairs. It makes it pretty difficult in my small house with the bedrooms upstairs and the one bathroom downstairs. Every morning we move everything we need downstairs where I get to hang out on the couch all day and then when it's time for bed we move everything back upstairs. It is times like now that I wish I had a laptop. I am having internet withdrawels. On the positive side though Chris has to do the laundry now since it's in the basement. And boy do we have a lot of laundry now.

One week down, one more to go.

Mason is doing great. He's a really happy baby for the most part. Not getting much sleep, but it could be worse. At least I get to take naps during the day.

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Ed said...

Hope your bed rest goes quickly. Mason is adorable. Love, Dad