Friday, October 17, 2008

10 weeks to go!

Wow. It's all starting to hit me. On Monday our birthing classes start and on Tuesday we have an appointment to meet with the pediatrician we're hoping to use. Time is going by so fast. In (hopefully) less than 10 weeks we'll have a baby.

We went on a shopping spree last week to BRU to try to get some more things we need. Ended up saving $45 with all the coupons we had! That store has become my new home. We've been busy setting everything up and I've been working my butt off on organizing the house. I have about 5 garbage bags of junk that I have to have Chris take outside. I think I'm going to have to take a break until garbage day on Tuesday because there won't be anymore room in the can. It will be nice once everything's all organized though. In a small house it's very easy for things to get cluttered. Luckily the nesting phase has started to kick in so I should be able to get things in order before the baby comes.

My friend Heather is due November 30th. We took pictures together back in the beginning of July and then again at my shower. It's funny we even thought we had bumps back in July.

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