Wednesday, December 12, 2012


So I'm going to torture you (well those who don't know already..) and first post the birth story. Don't worry, it's not very long. Things went very quickly once we got to the hospital!

I woke up early Sunday morning around 2:30 am to contractions every 7-9 minutes. They were like that all morning and early afternoon.

At 2pm they were getting closer about 4-5 minutes apart. They were getting more intense so I called OB at 4pm. They told me to come to the hospital and we'd see what was going on. Chris called his mom and we finished packing.

I got admitted around 6pm at 3cm. Went into the tub for a bit and then got out to start IV so I could get the epidural.

At 8pm I got the epidural and my doula and birth photographer arrived. From here things went pretty quick. At 9pm I was feeling pain/pressure. I pressed the epidural booster thing and next thing you know I hear a pop and my water broke. I got checked and was already 9cm!! The contractions were one on top of the other and got a booster for the epidural but it just wasn't happening. I felt like I needed to push, was checked and baby was at +2. Pushed through 3 contractions and less than 10 min later we met our baby GIRL!

Piper Ann was born at 9:48pm. 7lbs 12oz, 20 in. She is just perfect!

I'll be getting the birth photos later this week and can't wait to share them. I got the gallery last night and am in love with them!

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The boys are in love with their baby sister. They love to hold her and give her kisses. Ryder calls her, "my baby." He doesn't want to share :)


Julie Rogers said...

Oh my goodness---SOOOO stinking cute and a HUGE congratulations to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting with baby girl finally in the house:)

K. Jarczak said...

Congrats! I love the photos of your boys looking on their new sister.

Jen O. said...

Congratulations!! Love the pictures with your sons too - and how cute is it that Ryder is already the protective big brother? You'll have to update the blog name!

Erica said...

She is too sweet! The pictures of your three little ones together are just perfect.