Monday, December 26, 2011

"Santa" the elf

This was our first year doing the elf on a shelf. He came with a book and in it is says that you need to give him a name. I asked Mason what he wanted to name his elf and he said, "Santa." So there you have it we have "Santa" the elf who reports to the big Santa at the North Pole every night. Mason seemed to enjoy it although a lot of the time he forgot about him. I'm not quite sure if he really got the concept but he never tried to touch him. We started Dec 1st and when Santa came to drop of the presents "Santa" the elf went back home with him until next year.

Here are our 24 days with "Santa" the elf.

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Lucy_Plus_One said...

Looove your elf pictures. I am so doing this next year!!