Saturday, November 12, 2011

winter storm Alfred

As I mentioned in some previous posts we had a big winter storm in October. Because the trees were still heavy with leaves the snow caused a large amount of damage. We were out of power for 8 whole days. Luckily we bought a generator before Irene so we were able to have heat & hot water. We had a couple lights and a working outlet in the kitchen. We had the fridge and extra freezer hooked up to it as well so we didn't lose any food. We used to toaster oven or grill to heat things up. It wasn't the most ideal situation but we were lucky we had a generator. We knew several people that had to leave their homes and stay with relatives or those that just stayed in their homes despite not having water or heat.

Here are some pictures from around our neighborhood several days after the storm. I still can't believe that all this was caused by snow. We have our share of snow in the winter but never damage like this.

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The kids didn't mind not having power. Ryder didn't know the difference and Mason got used to it after a day. If you remember he had to deal with it for 5 days in August and 3 days in June. "Oh no, we have no more power." is a part of his regular vocabulary now. The boys had a lot of fun playing inside with their trains.

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