Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lots and lots of pictures

Happy Mother's Day Grandma. Here are a million pictures of the boys :)

I've been wanting to get some canvases done for a large wall in our living room. I've been taking pictures like crazy (what else is new!) in hopes to get a couple perfect ones. I'd love one of each boy, one of them together and I'm dreaming in thinking one of the 4 of us. Right now I'd at least like to get one of each of them alone. Here are several of mine attempts. Not sure if any of these are "the one." Maybe today they will cooperate.

First up Mason

And here's little Ryder. He is much more cooperate since he can't go very far ;) That's why you'll see more pictures of him. I'm sure the tables will change soon enough.

are you done yet mom?

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