Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ryder 6 months & weight gain issues

Half way to a year. I can't believe it. Why does the baby stage have to go so fast? I just want it to slow down a bit because I absolutely love this age. Ryder is changing all the time and his personality is really starting to emerge.

Weight gain issues

Ryder gained less than 2oz from 4 months to 6 months. At first glance at his chart the pediatrician said that everything looked good. The thing is that she only looked at the graph and not his actual weight gain. I mentioned how much he actually gained and she took another look. We had just started solids and was only doing it once a day. She suggested to give him solids twice a day and to supplement with one bottle of formula a day. Nothing against formula but I really don't think that was great advice for an exclusively breastfed baby. I asked her if I could pump and supplement with breast milk instead. Her reaction, "Why yes and that would even help increase your supply" Ding Ding Ding. Now that's the type of advice you should give to a breastfeeding mom. IF my milk supply was low and that's why Ryder wasn't gaining as well the answer would be to pump so I wouldn't have to supplement for as long. So that's what we've been doing.

I also made an appointment with my lactation consultant since I trust her and she is 100% for breastfeeding. Despite what pediatricians say I really don't think many of them know the proper advice to give to a breastfeeding mom and just give the "easy" answer. At least the one they think is easy. My LC did a weighing before and after Ryder ate and he took in 5oz! We had done this a week prior and he only took in 3oz. She agreed with the game plan the pediatrician gave (that is with supplementing with breast milk) and feeding solids twice a day. She suggested meats such as dark chicken since that has a lot of calories. I make my own baby food so I'm able to water it down with breast milk to add in even more calories. I've been going to a moms group through the hospital and in one week Ryder gained 5oz. It looks like he's getting back on track! We have a weight check with the pediatrician in a month and another one with my LC. Hopefully the little guy will continue to grow. I never thought I would have gaining issues with my 9lbs 2oz baby!

Look what Ryder can do! Ryder can sit unassisted for about a minute, get into crawling position and rock, and inchworm forwards.

He weights 15 lbs 8oz- His height is 28 inches- He wears size 12 month clothes

If you got through all that here's a reward - some pictures of our cutie!

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