Monday, August 16, 2010

swim lessons

The first time I signed Mason up for swim lessons it was through our park and rec. It was taught by several high school/ college age kids. Unfortunately it wasn't that organized and I didn't feel he learned a lot. One day while waiting for the class to start I was talking to another mom and she mentioned the swim lessons her son did at another place. I loved her description so I canceled our 2nd session through park and rec and signed Mason up for the new swim class.

The new swim lessons were great! There was one teacher (instead of 4 or 5) and it really organized. We missed the first 2 classes because the session had already started but Mason caught right on. There was a lot of singing and playing games but it was also educational. We could count to 3 before having the kids jump in the water. That taught them to wait for Mom or Dad and the count of 3 before going in the water. They had the kids go under water. I thought Mason was going to hate it (which he did) but it wasn't as bad as I thought. He now will blow bubbles in the water and has gotten much more comfortable. I can't wait to take lessons with him again - we'll probably have to wait until the winter though with #2 coming in about 5 weeks!

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