Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's been a while

Mason's been keeping his mommy busy!

He is full of smiles these days and loves to "talk" to us. His sleep has been getting much better so I'm a much happier mommy. He's starting to get onto a routine by himself a little bit. He goes to bed between 6-7. Sleeps for 6-9 hours (the 9 hours was only once, hopefully it will happen again soon!) then he's up every 3-4 hours until 7-8 am. I would love for him to sleep for 12+ hours, but I will definitely take this over what used to be every 2-3 hours.

Some exciting news - Mason rolled over on Saturday March 7th! He was doing tummy time and I was taking some pictures of him, next thing I know he's on his back. I flipped him back over and he did it again and again. He did it 3-4 times that day but has only done it once since. Luckily I got it on video :)

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Shannon said...

That video is awesome, Mason is so cute!